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We offer a range of Indian food experiences from cooking and feasting in your own home to Indian street food at local events.


Discover some of the hidden delights of Indian cuisine, and learn how to bring them to life in your own kitchen!

Explore dishes from across India, carefully selected to create a menu that suits every need. Each recipe is handpicked to bring you some unusual and uncommon dishes, that will give you a different perspective on Indian food. All you need to do, is give it a go!

Learn how to cook amazing Indian food with a group of friends and enjoy the fruits of your labour with an amazing Indian meal at the end of the event.


Cooking Workshops


Our new Indian food experience is a sensational feast for your palate. Presented in the traditional

thali - an elaborate serving of multiple dishes on one platter - the meal is a celebration of traditional

Indian food. All served and cooked in the comfort of your own home.


We have a range of special products available in our shop, including our bestselling Masala Chai kits and specialist spice blends.


meet the chef

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Ruchita Green

Taught by mum and passing it forward


"Cooking has always been a passion. I started cooking at a young age, but the real excitement started when I moved to Manchester.


Indian food in restaurants, although very tasty, was far removed from the dishes I had grown up with. I yearned for the taste and simplicity of my grandmother's cooking, my mum's fresh rotis, and the chaotically delicious street food from vendors lining the footpaths of my hometown. I realised very quickly, that if I wanted to eat that food whenever I fancied, I had to learn to cook it myself.

Memory is a magical ingredient in every dish that we have on our menu. The taste, as I remember it, the events that occurred when I first remember eating it, and the people who created the original dish - all play a vital part in its journey to your table."

What people have said about us...

We had an incredible evening with Ruchita which completely exceeded our expectations. Ruchita was a great teacher showing us how to make the food but also telling us about its origins and helpful tips. The food was absolutely superb. I can't recommend Masala Masters enough.

- Rachel Edwards, Scunthorpe

Had an amazing experience, home cooking with Ruchita. I would highly recommend anybody to try this exclusive Indian cuisine. Ruchita you are the queen of curries! You'll be back!

- Amanda Burnett, Scunthorpe

Masala Masters brings a whole new perspective, understanding and taste to Indian food, teaching us how to make what turned out to be the best we've ever tasted. We had high hopes for our culinary evening and she surpassed them by a country mile. Thank you Ruchita, you're an original Spice Girl!

- Trevor Hall, Moortown

What an amazing night!

We had a wonderful experience with you explaining everything and us even having a go at times. The food tasted fabulous and you made it all look so easy. What a great idea for a really different evening, and we didn't even have to leave our home!

- Sally Acomb, Great Limber