your senses

An immersive Indian dining experience that brings you stories and flavours from

across India, served in the traditional Indian thali.

Buddhism describes 'Ayatana' as the manifestation of the six senses. It is the bridge that brings together the physical - eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, and brain or heart - and the purpose of each of those organs - sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and thought. How we use these senses defines our understanding of life.


What makes Ayatana different from the Masala Masters cooking experience, is that it encompasses ten unique elements within a  three-course meal, which all come together to give you a true understanding of how Indian food is served and enjoyed in India.




Our new Indian food experience is a sensational feast for your palate. Presented in the traditional

thali - an elaborate serving of multiple dishes on one platter - the meal is a celebration of traditional

Indian food. Choose from a specially designed menu, including some proven favourites, or allow us to design a menu for you. Ayatana is an experience guaranteed to bring the understanding of Indian food to your dining table.



Keeping true to a Masala Masters experience, we will bring some of these dishes alive in your kitchen,  however, the emphasis is on an immersive Indian dining experience. We will cook with you, passing on some traditional methods, and  some new ones, and leaving you with recipes and spices

to try your hand at them. We will introduce you to Indian music and talk about the influences that various colonial occupations have had on Indian food.  Cultivated to be a truly  indulgent night in, this one is not to be missed.



How does it work?


  • On booking, you will receive an initial questionnaire and the menu. The questionnaire helps me to understand your party’s dietary requirements, likes, and dislikes, thus helping me to cater to your event safely.

  • The menu is part set-menu, part choice. There are four themes to choose from, and within each theme is a choice of starters, main curry, and dessert. The other seven elements are what we bring to you, with an aim to introduce you to food you may never have tried before.

  • A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your evening.

  • We arrive, with the intention to start cooking 2 hours before you would like to sit down for your meal.

  • We bring all the ingredients, and everything we will need in order to cook and serve. Please provide your own alcohol.

  • All the food is cooked from scratch, apart from the dessert. Desserts take longer to cook, and it is just not practical for us to do that in a short space of time.


What do you get for your money?

  • We create an ambience for you, bringing a small part of India to your venue.

  • Soft drinks on arrival, with an introduction to your evening.

  • A three-course meal comprising of a total of 10 elements.

  • A gift bag for all guests which has a selection of spices and a recipe card.

  • Detailed recipes of all the dishes from the night will be emailed across to the host, to pass onto their guests.

  • Full service with clear-up to help you enjoy a truly relaxed night in.


How much does it cost?


  • £45 per person for a party of 4-12 people.

- Sally Acomb, Great Limber

What an amazing night!

We had a wonderful experience with you explaining everything and us even having a go at times. The food tasted fabulous and you made it all look so easy. What a great idea for a really different evening, and we didn't even have to leave our home!