Yorkshire Dales
Cookery School

Thank you so much for being part of our first ever Cookery School at
Yorkshire Dales Food and Drinks Festival 2021. 


I really hope you enjoyed your workshop and everything else about the fantastic weekend. If you would like to recreate the dishes we cooked, you will find all the recipes below - even for the workshops you may not have chosen to attend.


All I'll ask if that if you do cook up a storm, make sure you take a quick picture and tag us on social media. Share the love!


Did you purchase a copy of Love, Comfort, Passion, Craving at the festival?

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The Spice Experience

Masala is the most essential ingredient in Indian food. The word 'masala' is used for the flavour of a dish. It could be a mixture of dry spices or a paste made with onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and other ingredients. 

"Garam Masala" is a spice blend made with warming - garam - spices, and tends to increase your body temperature. Every family has their own version of Garam Masala based on the flavours they enjoy. For a standard recipe, click here.

Once you have created this spice mix, You can use your own flavour favourites to create a blend unique to you.  

Bhel and Bhajis

Perhaps two of the most iconic street food, both, bhel and bhajis, are the perfect quick foods to throw together when entertaining. Being gluten free and vegan, they are inclusive for most dietary requirements, which makes meal planning just a little bit easier!

Click here for the recipes from the festival, and feel free to make your own adjustments of spice and flavour. 

Bhel 2.jpg


Samosas are perhaps one of the best known Indian snacks outside of India, and rightly so! Crunchy pastry filled with delicious savoury filling never tasted better, and there are multiple variations of both. Click here for our Punjabi samosa recipe from the Yorkshire Dales workshop. When you have had a go, experiment with other fillings and flavours. Let us know how they turned out!


Flatbreads form one of the main carbohydrate elements of an Indian meal. They are part of nearly every meal in various forms, but the most common one is the simple roti or chappati. For recipes from the show, click here. Remember to tag us in photos of your perfectly puffed rotis!