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Puran Poli: a labour of love

Puran Poli is a standard delicacy at festivals. It was the one item that we looked forward to, as children, knowing that we’d have to sit patiently through the rituals of the day before we had the chance to devour this deliciously sweet roti, slathered in Aai’s homemade ghee. Indeed, the perfume of a freshly roasted poli – the sweet, saltiness, delicately charred, and then the smell of slowly melting ghee – is beyond compare. When I cook these now, for my children, it’s that perfume that tells me whether or not my poli is going to be as good as Aai’s. It is never quite the same, but I feel grateful that the flavour, although subtle, exists still, 4,500 miles from a place I used to call home.


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