Love, Comfort, Craving, Passion - celebrating everyday heritage recipes from the vast treasury of Indian cuisine


An excerpt from the book:

"...We make memories in unique ways. Something about a scene or a sound resonates with us on our most precious frequency, and they remain fossilised in our minds forever. To me, food makes memories.


Love, Comfort, Craving, Passion is my answer to the question ‘what is food?’ It is a personal journey of discovery because it has helped me, for the first time in my life, to address food and what it means in a positive, life-affirming way.


Indian food embodies my heritage, my family when I was growing up in India with all its rituals and customs, my rebirth upon moving to Manchester at the age of 21, and a seemingly destined progression to a career I could never have dreamed possible. The recipes are simple, no frills, wholesome recipes which make home cooking a joy.


Cooking at home is a labour of love, even for the simplest of dishes, because you have to plan for it, and go through a process, which makes it special. It is at home that I teach my children about different ingredients, and it is where they see the mistakes I make. This book is a reflection of my life and will, at the very least, be a handbook for my children when they grow up and want to know why we eat the way we do..."


In her  first cookbook, Ruchita Green offers a feast of every day  recipes, enjoyed by  households across India. Majority of the dishes have a personal connection and have been in Ruchita's family for generations. 


With over 50 recipes,  including special masala mixes and a section on growing your own simple herbs, the book is full of colour, stories,  memories, and a whole lot of love!


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Publisher: Partnership Publishing UK, England

270 pages

Full colour


Love, Comfort. Passion, Craving by Ruchita Green

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  • Publisher: Partnership Publishing UK, England

    270 pages

    Full colour



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